Apple Mail client missing plug-in?

November 21, 2010

It is not news that Oracle bought out Sun. The light was waning for the bright star in the firmament for some time. It finally fell prey to the soothsayer who had been quietly espying the heavens for auguries. The signs said “Buy Sun” and that is what Oracle did. What the omens did not say was that there was going to a mess.

I started noticing  a problem with the Sun Java some months back. First, it was my Windows box. Then it spread to my Mac box. The very last problem was with OsX Mail.

The darn programme told me that there was a plug-in missing. I finally found out how to resolve the issue.

It is this:

a) Open the Utilities Folder under Applications.
b) Go to the Java icon and activate it.

You will then set Java to default.
Here is what it looks like

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