Cano was one of the very best to come out of Francophone Ontario

March 31, 2009

Salut  amis,

It has been dog’s years since I listened to this staggeringly musical album.

It happened because of the conjunction of several events. One of them was the recent death of mother-in-law. Her father, left for Sturgeon Falls, between the two world wars, leaving behind nine daughters, a wife and a cow. There was nothing heard from him. Ever. Mother-in-law brought this into our memories in her last years of life – often enough to make it seem that it was a deep hole in her soul.

The other was the fact that I got the old LPs out and decided to copy them into my computer so that I could easily wander back to my youth. The collection is eclectic, even surprising me, and I bought them the ruddy lot.

There is lot of youth to which I like to return. The years have been lost in the mist, many things which I thought were fine, or even good, turned out to be fly shit on the wall. This music though, it is as good as the day I heard it the first time. The Cano crew knew a few things about what they were doing. Bally good. Lovely.

I encourage everyone and anyone to buy it. You will be pleased and surprised that music can be strict, disciplined and an adventure opening up small doors into music which you thought only high brows could execute or create. I am so damn pleased at rediscovering this music I had write this. Sometimes one must come to the conclusion that the good old days were good. Indeed they were and this music proves it.

A mon avis plus que bon. Super!

Now as for my wife’s grandfather…

Go to Album Au nord de notre vie

For a taste click at the bottom of the page on Listen. Ecoutez.

You can buy it at

Turandot, Nessun dorma

August 27, 2008

Sometimes I just withdraw and when  do, I listen. Carefully. To music. I prefer classical and traditional fiddle troubadour music. Nessun dorma is top of the list in the former category.

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Lawrence Welk is still alive and batonning

November 19, 2007

Some of you, like me, may have caught Lawrence in the corner of their eye as they were going out for a Saturday night binge. I admit I actually sat down and spent some minutes guffawing at the stiff bouffon hairdoos and corn pone duets. It was smarmy and clearly for the generation that was graying. But then again I know now what I should have known then which is that the innocence of those days should have been apparent to me.

Goodwill in people brings about good thoughts in people

he is left handed and by the way he combs hair

heel and toe polka

orange suits and pink frills

Pavarotti: the greatest tenor ever?

September 7, 2007

One cannot prevent jumping on the bandwagon and eulogize the greatest tenor ever. Yes, he did bring opera back to the common people. Nessun dorma!

Women Chorus:
Il nome suo nessun saprà…
E noi dovremo, ahimè, morir!…
The prince
Dilegua, o notte!… Tramontate, stelle!…
All’alba vincerò!…

from Turandot by Giacomo Puccin

Post Scriptum:

    Yesterday, while watching Pavarotti’s Requiem on the telly, in passing, I wondered out loud, how it was that a man who was divorced and remarried was given the honour of a High Mass for the Dead and all pomp the Bishop Cocchi of Modena could muster. What triggered this PS was the article I read in Hufvadstadsbladet this morning, namely, in an interview by a Peter Loewe, of Modenese on the occasion of Pavarotti’s funeral. One of the interviewees was slightly miffed by the fact that indeed those gawpers showing up at Cathedral square, were there more to be seen than to see. He also mentioned the matter of divorce and remarriage and how in good faith the bishop would pull out all stops for a man who had renounced a few central tenets of the faith. I suppose he was thinking that since he has struggled all his life to hold true to the ideals that makes him a true believer, then why should those that break the rules be offered all pomp and circumstance the Church can muster. I suppose one may say that we are all sinners and it is unknown to us for what sins the Voice asked forgiveness. If he renounced all his sins on receive Extreme Unction then all is forgiven. No doubt, what the good lone dissenting Modenese was saying was that which is good for the goose is good for the gander. We could look at it another way. If you carry a stature as large as the Voice, if you sing to shame the angels, then all your sins will not keep you from the warm embrace of your God. I recalled what I heard in the Sistine some years back. Two Jewish (Israeli) ladies looked up at the Michaelangelo frescoes while listening to their headsets. I was listening to the same score coming through on my headsets. It was a Renaissance piece by the Red Cardinal. One lady turned to the tour guide and exclaimed, matter-of-fact: "Yes, I understand now that Christianity is all about music." No, these were not two intellectuals. They turned out to completely illiterate on matters of Christianity. It then came to me a meeting I had with the Vicar General of the Finnish Catholic Church and his imprecise moral position on marriage. Perhaps, moral precision is not the right word. The lesson I learned, albeit a lesson my heart understood intuitively, is that we all, human beings, muddy moral waters because we are so self-forgiving. To put it another way; we forgive ourselves when we should not.

Jamendo, free music? Music?

May 2, 2007

I have been a  GANDI.NET  client for some years. I have never really concerned myself with their additional services or suggested links. One of the problems is French, or rather my laziness. Although I consider myself perfectly fluent in French, my Internet language of choice is English. By extension, sites which show any signs of deviating from this norm, I avoid, or more precisely, I do not see.<br />
 Today, however, I made a conscious decision to look at some of Gandi’s offerings. I had already set up my blog using Gandiblog (dotclear – an opensource blog engine originating in France, I believe) so I was not completely virginal in the offerings. I decided to click on Jamedo. This is the Jamendo blurb (from the Jamendo homesite)

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