Meet you there?

March 2, 2009

Surfing the Internet is sometimes a curse. Sometimes it is a blessing. Mostly it falls in between the two. I am very good at avoiding the dross and thankfully my sharp-ish eye does catch a gem, now and then. I found this little link. Interesting? Yessir indeed getcher – I am even contemplating …

The Sacred Music Colloquium XIX at Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois is one of these links that lifted my spirits.

I’m thinking – how can I find the money to attend.

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Why do we allow Darfur to haunt us?

July 16, 2008

I think hard. “God bless the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” I heard
myself utter under my breath. Several days later, upon reflection, all the
meekness we can muster does not change the fact that, at this very moment, the
ones with guns, the un-meek one, the ones with the moral rectitude of
scavenging hyenas will inherit the earth that is the land of the Fur – Darfur.
(I apologize to all hyenas whom I may have offended.)

A documentary worth watching, you can very sure. Go to the home pages of the

team that had the courage to put this together. out these links too:

For the weak of heart you can circumvent blood and gore of the issue by

reading background material from the Beeb.

Viva España !

June 30, 2008

The best side won. It has been a while since the right team, the most deserving, the most gifted team won such a premier sporting event.

"Spain conquers Europe …" is how the Catalan Mundo Deportivo put it. Too bad it wasn’t England in the final. Now that would have been symbolic.

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The Final of the Euro 2000

June 29, 2008


OK there have been spiffing corkers up to this point. Probably the most exciting was the one between Turkey and Croatia. The fact that the Turks did not give up and finally won is a credit to … I don’t know what … the fighting spirit. The Croatians were looking for a third diamond in their crown: independence, membership in the EU and then the most important, the title of European Champions.
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Islamic party of Finland

June 17, 2008

I wrote some time ago about the Islamic Party of Finland and in particular I reported on its founder a certain Risto Tammi now Abdullah Tammi.  Photo from an article in the Helsingin Sanomat,

Today I witnessed a rather disturbing report from Finnish Broadcasting on the very same Tammi, now working diligently to found an Islamic Party in Finland. Both Tammi and the reporter smiled at the antics of a man who committed treason against his fellow citizens, the country of his birth. The man of whom they spoke was Risto Tammi himself, the man now clad in robes more suitable for more exotic parts of the world. The smiles emanating from behind Risto’s beard was really a smirk. The same kind of smirk one sees in small boys who have caught in a dark corner the act of onanism.

Check out also links …

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Turkey, good match, Portugal, shamefully boring

June 16, 2008

Flick, flick, flick … flick .. flick and flick. I kept this up throughout the two matches last night. The Turkey-Czech match was a corker. The Portugal-Switzerland match was shameful. Scolari should have picked up an English grammar book and catch up on English irregular verbs.

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Lusitani 3 – Karel Brückner 1

June 12, 2008

The Czech side lost to Portugal yesterday. Good. They deserved it. No one deserves to lose – that is, normally  one deserves to win but in this case the Czech deserved the opposite. Football is not just about football it is also about justice and fair play.

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The World Cup is on uh I mean the European Championships er I mean the Euro 2008

June 6, 2008

What exactly is the name of most important sporting fixture of the past two years? It does have a name but it changes every four years. The World Cup is the World Cup and the Stanley Cup has been nothing else since its inception. The UEFA whatever-it-is changes its name every time it happens.

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Strictly Come Dancing or in Finnish Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa

April 20, 2008

Sometimes the best thing to do is to close ones eyes and sleep. The next best thing is to move to a far away place where the only news you get is that which the lark brings with its song.

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Happy Easter, maybe

March 23, 2008

It has been a while since I took the time to consider any issue in depth. One of the matters which comes around every year is Easter. It has always been a wonderful time of the year. I suppose you might say it is the beginning of my year since my birthday also falls on Easter – though it was unusually early. Easter, not my birthday.

Due to a bout of the flu, I have been ensconced in my home. I got stuck in on PG Wodehouse before the dreaded virus got a hold of me and I thought I might just continue, but frankly, a good belly laugh, er , any kind of laugh, belly or otherwise, is not permitted by the host virus. The odd film now and then during a recuperation is fine but it requires a passivity which is beyond my patience. I find that comedy and bloody horror does not suit the miasma in which on is wallowing. Let’s face it, even at the best of times but certainly n not when your head is in a blue funk and the runs is an ever present threat, one should not be  stressing organs which should not be stressed. A sphincter should not be sphincting and stomachs should not be chortling. I need a middle way to divert myself.

The middle way is the Internet, surely. Unlike film-watching and book-reading, I must actually make decisions to get anywhere in this infernal contraption that is the WWW. Surfing the Internet is fun, up to a point. That point is some two hours later when it dawns upon your fevered brain that you are very far indeed from where you started. And to add hurt to injury, you are somewhere you do not want to be.

This happened to me yesterday. Yesterday was Holy Saturday which is to say it is has always been a day of joy. Certainly it is not a day in which I end up being ill and depressed without any assistance from the nasty bugs swimming around in my blood. Ever since my earliest memories of childhood, I recall that distinct apotheosis (surely, as a child the word never passed a neuron in my young febrile brain) of Easter. It was simple: death was conquered by life. I cannot say I understood it this way, back then, but it must have been so because my happiness during this Holy Week had no biological basis. An upside down view of the world, but innocent, surely. However it was very plausible, so my young eyes told me. To believe that He has died and He has risen, that the sadness of Friday can only followed by the hope of Saturday and the joy of Sunday was a natural as squeezing every ounce of life out of … well, life. All without knowing how it was done.

Since I was not able to go anywhere I decided to listen to Mozart’s Totenmesse or Requiem, a private annual ritual now going on some decades.  Although I have countless versions of his Requiem as well as that composed by others (Laakkonen Requiem) I thought I might surf and find out whether there was anything out there which might catch my fancy. I found the following site: What an absolutely fantastic gem! Do not be off-put by the fact that the home page is in German. Click on any link and you will understand what I mean.

I made the mistake (if that is what one should call it) of also looking on YouTube for something which might stir my soul. Händel´s Sarabande, I thought might do the trick. Sure enough. Kubrick´s Barry Lyndon version was to be heard. Then, the crux of my error. I wrote “Easter music from the Vatican” on the YouTube search box and got immediately hooked.

Rather than go describe all my perambulations I will submit a few links on which I paused for reflection. The very first page which caught my eye was the a site which asked : Who is Jesus anyway ? Christian Prince  הנוצרالاسراء والمعراج

Interesting! The perfidy of the Internet but especially YouTube, is that once you got to a video you get a listing of other videos (hyperlinks) which the search engine suspects might interest you. It is evil. I got sucked in and clicked with wild abandon. Finally, I got a hold of myself by the scruff of the neck and searched for Mozart and got to listen to another well-mannered piece of music, a rather badly done Lacrimosa (Tearful). No, I could not stop there. I was like a shark with the scent of blood. More clicking got me to a site with tuneful music but the content was a tad worrying. The message was something about being liberated by wearing the hijab.

It all started to get fuzzy. Was it my illness or the disturbing material on YouTube? When I hit upon a disturbing video shown on Irish Television in which a young convert got her come-uppance from a true Muslim, I knew the daemon had sucked me in. Islam is not a religion of peace and Mohammed himself killed unbelievers, she is told. In effect, the message was, Sister, you keep you gob shut because you do not know what you are saying, or I will slap you down. However she did intervene at the end because her Christian upbringing squirmed into her shrouded head. She tried it on with the two apologists for terror and murder and got a finger wagging for her bravery. Good for her. Stupid girl.

The surfing took me to more places, ever more bizarre and disturbing. The face of the young girl, a baby, told me that all was not well with the world.

Then how I actually got to read up on gay Muslims is beyond me. I mean, I have more interest in how sheep are raised, in what is the price of pulp, who in the Parliament is sending indiscrete SMS messages to even more indiscrete recipients … I only say this because the something that caught the corner of my eye was…The gay world in Islam. 

I finally decided that enough was enough and put on Händel´s Messiah and thought, if only … but then again they won´t, they do not want to understand. Händel does not speak to them. He could but their  souls, all the people with whom I had  virtual contact on the Internet today, are dark, washed over by hatred so bitter their lips curl when they sleep.

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