Building a working and stable Gallery 3 media archive site

August 27, 2010

Ihave been toodling around with Gallery3 for some time. I spent an inordinate amount of time checking o photo-media gallery alternatives and came back to Gallery3. Many gallery server packages had shortcomings. I even thought ran WordPress for some days thinking that with all the media plugins I could build an archive with this very elegant tool. The packages I tested were, on the whole, incomplete, lacking in essential features, or both. Some, notablyZenphoto (disappointingly), were too darn slow. I have used Gallery1 and Gallery2 in thepast but the latter is too bloated and the former is ancient. I took the time to investigate Gallery3 and the claims made about the Kohana backbone. Yep. I think this is going to be a very good kit. For now though, it is still beta, so be warned.

Amongst the slew of gallery-media server packages, the mostpromising, and the one with which I stuck the longest, was LinPHA. However, I have finally dragged into the Trash bin because itis short on features but, more importantly, active development is as slow as a snail on asandy beach. 

After a couple of weeks ofGallery3, I am confident that I have found the right media archivingtool for the coming years. However, there are some shortcomings(still). For a Mac-iPhoto-Aperture user like myself, an exportfunction to Gallery3 would be just the ticket. I suppose I may have to find the time to do itmyself because, I am sure, the good chaps at Menalto are up to their eyeballs fielding bugs and requests.

I am running my Gallery3 on a toothless Tiger-G5 beast, lamentably short on memory and as noisyy as a steam engine in a tunnel. However, that being said, it does keep my shack from blowing away in the wind. 

Working Gallery 3 site 

Permissions on Gallery3
This is a tricky issue and can cause one to pull whatever little hair one has growing on the skull.
It seems that whatever else you must do, you must have the correct matching of the host name in the /etc/hosts file so that your domainname.tld is matched to
Hence, in my server, I had to this line
I also had this<—–>localhost 

Now the pesky message to do change your .htaccess file and AllowOverRide  in the httpd.conf file is gone. Bleeding heck.

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