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March 28, 2009

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All creatures great and small

March 28, 2009

Sometimes, it is the small things in life which bring a pleasure of boundless measure. Sometimes, life allows you enough presence of mind to be able to decide that now you must look, you must stop and look. Look. Yonder in the field. Look. Did I expect to see a freshly dropped lamb fight to stand on four scrawny pegs?

I was looking to buy some sheep cheese. I noticed an ewe with a white bundle next to it but paid it no mind. At the farmhouse no sounds came back in response to my piercing whistling. I expected a Pyrenean sheepdog to take me by the throat but instead I got a peak into a small stockroom with dusty lonely cheeses.

Something amiss. Cheeses should not be gathering dust. I went back the way I came. I was not more than five minutes from spotting the ewe on my way in so I thought I should have a word with the wee beast. I stopped and noticed forthwith that the lump beside her was her lamb. It was perhaps no more than fifteen minutes old, with umbilical chord still attached. My pleasure was as immense as the ewes chary eye was wide.