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This is Blagging Blog! Nothing here for the jaded. If, however, you want to accompany me in fits of moralizing, grainy punning and even a verbal kick to the groin, now and then, oh and let us not forget a bit of navel gazing through the wrong end of the telescope, then join me.
But now that you are here … you will find links  to my travel journals, projects and photo downloads.

Travel Journals: I have really not had the time to work on my travel jour­nals given the amount the tortuous activity in which I have been engaged  for some time. My most recent complete journal is on a  recent  trip wife and I enjoyed to Croatia. It is available here.
Walkabout: You will find links to photos of several visits to São Miguel, Açores, Portugal (St Michael Island, the Azores) as well as photos of the most recent trip to Athens. Up coming is a journal of a walkabout in Costa Rica (which happened some time back) and stay with friends in a small back water in  Portugal´s northern interior.

Cycling: I have been fortunate to cycle in southern Florida and live to talk about it. Cycling in north-east Germany and southern Sweden was pleasant and worth doing a second time. Slovakia too was a splendid place to pedal around though the mountains in the north can a bit steep. South France is prime cycling country and should be good for many  tours in the future. The Bayonne trip done and dusted. I did experience some fine peaceful mo­ments.

If there is any one out there in taking a long sabbatical and interested on doing the St James Pilgrim Trail – in the spring of 2010 then by all means contact me – sooner rather than later. Before that I plan a 1-2 month walk about in Zambia, in Sept 2009. Any one up to it?
If you are looking for photos which you can freely download to use as desktop (or just to enjoy) then click HERE.
have started a series discussing the Pilgrims (Os Romeiros) of St Michael’s Island. Click here.
From Os Romeiros
So, here you are and here I am …
But now that you are here … you will find links  to my travel journals, projects and photo downloads.

Who is the person behind this blog?

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